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Prospect Profile: #0 Ludwig Blomstrand

Dimitri Filipovic
September 04 2013 10:41AM


Over the past 4 weeks, this platform has played host to the prospect series, where we ranked and profiled what we believed to be the Top 20 prospects in the Canucks system. Throughout the process it became obvious fairly quickly that, while the top-end talent is definitely present, there's not much depth to the pool. The first handful of players that came up were difficult to take seriously considering that most of them will never enjoy a single relevant NHL moment; with my apologies going out to the families of luminaries like Alex Friesen and Yann Sauve, of course.

While we were making our way through the countdown, the name Ludwig Blomstrand kept surfacing time and time again. The curious part of it all was that Blomstrand's name never actually appeared on our actual list, but instead kept being bandied about by readers of the blog in both the comments sections and on Twitter. I found it sort of bizarre, personally, since he hadn't been on my radar at all. In fact, out of our 5 rankers, only 1 - Patrick Johnston, who would probably defend himself were it not for that giant bus currently trampling him - even had Blomstrand in his Top 20. And he had him at number 18.

But at some point, I started to ask myself whether it was possible that this wasn't all some sort of elaborate inside joke. What if, by some odd chance, this cult following that Ludwig Blomstrand had seemingly accrued was actually justified? What if all of the other rankers and I were totally missing something here?

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