Podcast: "Chris Tanev is Back, And the Podcast is Back!"

Dimitri Filipovic
August 26 2013 02:44PM

Chris Tanev is pretty thrilled about how much time we spent discussing him; Image via Canucks [dot] nhl [dot] com

This podcast was recorded on Thursday (August 22nd) afternoon, but due to some technical issues, we weren't able to get it up until now. You could say that it's #MarekLate, and you wouldn't be wrong. But still, only one of the things we discussed is actually dated; like when I asked Cam whether the return of Chris Tanev meant that Andrew Alberts' time as a Canuck was up, and he replied with "Oh, I hope so." Alberts wound up signing on for $600k for next season just hours after we recorded. So hopefully you'll still find some value in giving it a listen.

In this edition of the show we covered the Tanev contract (and the next one to come), the Canucks "missing out" on Douglas Murray, and the benefits of fancy stats. We finished things up by answering some of the questions we received from readers about Bo Horvat, Jordan Schroeder, and Jason Garrison.

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We will try to have a podcast up weekly, and would like to make it more interactive and fan-friendly than it has been in the past. We encourage you to follow Cam and Dimitri on Twitter, and send questions for future editions of the podcast their way (or to @CanucksArmy). Thanks for listening.

Dimitri Filipovic writes about hockey on the internet. If you'd like to get in touch with him you can do so on Twitter @DimFilipovic or via email at dimitri.filipovic@gmail.com.
#1 jono
August 29 2013, 06:06AM
Trash it!

Hey Guys,

Great podcast! I love it. Can you guys get this into an rss so I can catch this on my podcast app? I imagine it is a bit of a pain to setup but I am sure it will bring more regular listeners!

I think you can set this up quite easily with feedburner (http://feedburner.google.com/).

see: https://auphonic.com/blog/2013/02/07/how-to-podcast-for-free/

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