The SYAE Podcast: Taking a Look at the Future Forward Lines

Dimitri Filipovic
February 15 2013 10:52AM

The player that shall remain unnamed went, well, unnamed over the course of this entire episode.

There's a certain controversy between two Canucks players (that just so happen to play the same position) that has been the main talking point surrounding the team this season. Believe it or not, Cam & I managed to go through an entire podcast without mentioning it once. We hope that's not illegal, but it's entirely possible that it is.

So what did we discuss, then? We spent the entirety of the show taking a long look at the way the forward lines will shake out for the team once Ryan Kesler and David Booth are ready to go. What kind of combinations would you like to see? (let us know in the comments section).

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SYAE Podcast - February 15th, 2013

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#1 JCDavies
February 16 2013, 05:49AM
Trash it!

I think there are a lot of unrealistic expectations out there about how long it should take draft picks to reach the NHL. Jordan Schroeder definitely isn't a late arrival.

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