CDC Reacts to Gillis' Latest Catch

Thomas Drance
July 16 2012 03:36PM


Last night, Mike Gillis' son Spencer posted this photo of his dad's latest acquisition on Twitter. The image was promptly retweeted far and wide by the official Vancouver Canucks Twitter feed (@VanCanucks), and shortly thereafter the photo found its way to the Canucks dot com (CDC) message boards. This set off an uncharacteristically salient, and amusing thread discussing Gillis' latest catch. Check out some highlights past the jump...

We'll begin with Bryan McCabe24, who couldn't help but salivate over the giant Tuna's big body, and potential:

As the old adage goes: you can't teach size.

Bryan McCabe.24: killing it.

McCabe.24's high hopes for the gargantuan Thunnus Macoyji were rather widely shared:

What oppor-tuna-ty? Doesn't Jagermeister know that Alain Vigneault hates rookies? Especially rookies with gills...

Meanwhile other, more typical CDC posters, simply couldn't believe Mike Gillis' act of physical strength...

And that right there is why most of you use Twitter to chat about your favorite team on-line now!

Then again, while Twitterers were upset with Mike Gillis for taking a vacation rather than improving "our team!!," CDC posters to their credit, saw how stupid of line of thinking was:

But back to CDC's choice analysis of the Canucks' newest prospect...

Burned once by a promising but demanding youngster, some scarred Canucks fans worried about the giant Tuna's meddlesome Fishdad:

Sure, some of the jokes were predictable...

Though that Kesler diving joke was nowhere near as inevitable as this Raymond line:

But still, in this particular thread, CDC users killed it.

Yep. I'm as surprised as you are.

Thomas Drance lives in Toronto, eats spicy food and writes about hockey. He is the editor in chief of the Nation Network (a.k.a Overlord), and an opinionated blowhard to boot. You can follow him on twitter @thomasdrance.
#1 Reg Dunlop
July 16 2012, 11:17PM
Trash it!

Why is Gillis upside down? Did the fish roll him for his blue-blockers? Go oil.

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