How This Canucks Season Stacks Up Against Last Season

Matthew Henderson
March 06 2012 08:33AM

There's been a fair bit of talk in print, on the radio and on social media about how this Canucks season compares with the one previous. SImply put: it's hard to judge a team that hasn't even finished what it started. That's why I decided to compare the stats from March 1st of last year's spectacular season, to March 1st of the current one. How do the two stack up?

As you can see, in some categories are the differences are very slim while others are drastically different. Even though the Sedins' production has slightly decreased, and the team has lost of 7 members from last years Stanley Cup Finals' team, the Canucks have a basically the same record, with one more game being played last year before March 1st:


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