Infographic: The Final 13 Games

Matthew Henderson
March 14 2012 09:41AM

Today's infographic takes a visual look at the Canucks’ final 13 games of the season. As you can see, the Canucks have an easy schedule. They host a majority of the remaining games, and they play opponents like Columbus and Edmonton, who are miles out of contention. This is good news for the worry warts, as the Canucks should manage some easy wins down the stretch. The outcome of the final 13 games can influence who the Canucks face when the playoffs roll around, and hopefully the team will manage to somehow stay motivated, and pile up some easy wins!

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Matthew Henderson was born and raised in the outskirts of Vancouver and is constantly finding ways to blend his love for puck with his love for graphic design. Find him at @MHenderson95 on Twitter.
#1 Cam Davie
March 14 2012, 11:58AM
Trash it!

I love the infographics. MOAR MOAR MOAR!

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