Luongo Gets his Name on the Italian Walk of Fame

Thomas Drance
September 06 2011 11:20AM

Photo courtesy @kris_teena

Remember a few weeks ago when the news broke that Luongo was to be honoured by the Italian Walk of Fame? Remember how they said that he was "often referred to as the greatest goalie that ever lived" and we all had a good laugh at that? Well yesterday was the induction ceremony, and Luongo was mobbed on College St. by Canucks fans, passersby and Munga Cakes alike!

The media observed that Luongo was relaxed, and spent a good deal of time working the crowds, signing autographs and interacting with fans. He was also dressed to the nines in an expensive white button up t-shirt and grey pinstripe pants. Say what you want about Luongo - even though it's all been said already - the dude knows how to hit the tailor.

Here's a link to a SunTV report on the piece (embedding is disabled on the video), which, includes a quick interview with Luongo, who says "The next time we're in town to play the Leafs, maybe I'll take a stroll and come look at my star."

You can look through more photographs of Luongo working the crowd over at @JosephFocus' flickr account.

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