Headshots August 22nd

Thomas Drance
August 22 2011 02:44PM

Mid-Day Headshots is a CanucksArmy feature where we round up the freshest Canucks news including funny gifs, awesome videos, cool photos and interesting links. If you've written a Canucks blog-post and want it to be featured here, e-mail me at thom.drance@gmail.com.

What do you think, should the YVR rioters pay restitution to the merchants whose businesses were harmed by the three or four hours of jackassery that followed the Canucks game 7 loss to the Bruins? I think they should.

A few days old, but Tom Benjamin has a really good traditionalist take on the NHL's R+D camp. I'm with Tom, leave the game alone (unless you're undoing the damn trapezoid). 

Ryan Kesler talks to Canucks.nhl.com and says he hopes to be ready for the season opener against Pittsburgh. Kesler - you're one of the best centerman in the league and the Canucks need you - but please, take your damn time!

Good find by @mozy19 - Alain Vigneault can be seen sporting some regrettable hair in the background of this Corson-Jovonovski fight.

 Interested in some unflattering Jonathan Toews .gifs? You wouldn't be a Canucks fan if you weren't. (Via taylorpyatt.tumblr.com, who also took the photo that leads this links-post).

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