Mid-Day Headshots July 21st

Thomas Drance
July 21 2011 11:48AM

Hamhuis' agent Don Meehan strikes his best Tywin Lannister pose for the National Post.
(Photo by J.P. Moczulski for National Post)

Mid-Day Head-shots is a CanucksArmy feature where we round up today's freshest Canucks news including funny gifs, awesome videos, cool photos and interesting links. If you've written a Canucks blog-post and want it to be featured here, e-mail me at thom.drance@gmail.com.

My boy the Stanchion has a good take on why everybody hates the Canucks. The real question, apparently, is why didn't the general public get there an awful lot sooner? #EmbracetheHate

Sean Fitz-Gerald interviews NHL super-agent Don Meehan (who represents Dan Hamhuis) in the National Post. Apparently Don Meehan has occasionally used the term "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" in conversations with clients, which, is pretty strange but kind of awesome.

Yankee Canuck has the goal locations chart for the Canucks third round series against the Sharks up at Nucksmisconduct. That Niemi is considered a mentally-strong "winner" and Luongo is considered a hack is, frankly, hilarious. 

Hard-pressed to come up with topics to write about - the Vancouver Province has decided to start exclusively covering the Winnipeg Jets. Traitors.  

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