Canucks Army Podcast: Episode 2

Thomas Drance
July 12 2011 12:57PM

What will the Northwest Division look like next year? Kent and I have some answers.

First of all, I was surprised by how many downloads and listens we had of our very first episode, so - I'd like to thank you all kindly for checking it out! We're learning as we go here, and this episode has none of the technical difficulties that the first episode had - so enjoy!

In today's episode - we talked to FlamesNation editor Kent Wilson about some of the changes that have gone down in the Northwest Division this offseason. The conclusion: the Canucks excepted, it's a sad state of affairs all around.

We talked about the Cogliano trade, made some Steve Tambellini jokes, evaluated the respective teams off-season moves, and projected what the Northwest Division might look like this upcoming season. You can either stream the podcast:

Click Here to Stream.

Or download the mp3 file here.

We'll return with episode three on Thursday!

Thomas Drance lives in Toronto, eats spicy food and writes about hockey. He is the editor in chief of the Nation Network (a.k.a Overlord), and an opinionated blowhard to boot. You can follow him on twitter @thomasdrance.
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