Mid-Day Headshots July 11th

Thomas Drance
July 11 2011 11:22AM

Mike Duco runs Andy Greene into the boards in a game last season. Luckily Andy Greene hopped right back up, and was thus spared from Duco's wrath on twitter.

Mid-Day Head-shots is a CanucksArmy feature where we round up the freshest Canucks news, including: funny gifs, awesome videos, cool photos and interesting links. If you've written a Canucks blog-post and want it to be featured here, e-mail me at thom.drance@gmail.com.

Those muck-rackers at Passittobulis have unearthed a twitter-based controversy that's now swirling around newly acquired pugilist Mike Duco. To summarize, Duco tweeted some critical comments about the Sedins and Luongo during the playoffs, and openly rooted against his new team (he said what about the Chicago Wolves?). He's caught some flack on the twitters from Canucks fans for his comments - which, is very surprising. Be nice to Mike Duco everybody, we don't want to undo the sterling reputation that Canucks fans have for being calm, collected and reasonable on the internet...

Here's your Amusing Canucks .gif of the day (courtesy taylorpyatt.tumblr.com), in honour of Mike Duco.  

Nucksmisconduct editor Sean Zanberg threw up an exhaustive list of Canucks transactions throughout the franchises mostly sordid history. The post is a solid reference tool, and made me pretty nostalgic as well - who can ever forget the 1997 trade for Sergei Nemchinov and Brian Noonan that was completed mere minutes after the conclusion of a Saturday night game on hockey night in Canada...

This item is a few days old, but considering the massive success that was this weekend's Five Hole for Food event in Vancouver - I figured I'd post it anyway. It's a profile from the Vancouver Sun about the obstacles Richard Loat overcame in putting together this years cross-country tour. Congratulations to the entire Five-Hole for Food team on another successful year!

From Jim Jamieson at the White Towel - Canucks player development ace Dave Gagner compares Harvard bound prospect Patrick Mcnally's puck-moving skills to Duncan Keith's. Well I guess we can dream...

Also from Jim Jamieson - Tanner Glass is really excited about his deal with the re-born Winnipeg Jets. On his expected role with his new team: "I'll probably be the fourth-line left wing and second unit PK and have a chance to move up." Well it's good to see that Tanner's expectation are realistic - except for the "chance to move up" part.

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