Final Predictions

Alix Wright
June 01 2011 05:24PM


I don't know why this exists on Google but I love it.

I don't know why this exists on google but it's awesome 


The Canucks slogan for this playoff run is "This Is What We Live For". I think that definitely applies to their fans as well. The vibe in Vancouver today has been incredible. I get a tickle in my throat and it threatens to rain on my face when I dare to think about certain players winning it all.This may just be a once in a lifetime event. Let's hope it ends with the big shiny precious. Let's also hope Vancouver doesn't blow up in the process. It's prediction time: 

- Manny Malhotra rappels from the raftors to start game 2. 

- The Bruins take more penalties than the Canucks do.

- Raffi Torres hums baby beluga as he hits and injures a Bruin.

- Nathan Horton hums Horton Hears a Boom as he hits and injures a Canuck.

- Ryan Kesler will have a big series.

- Sami Salo will score on a slapshot. 

- Roberto Luongo will ask the league to grant permission for him to put mini stilts in his skates after Zdeno Chara stands in front of him on the power play. 

- Milan Lucic will be pumped up from his giant cheering section and has a big series. 

- Lappiere's annoying grin will goad a Bruin into taking a penalty. 

- Tomas Kaberle finally makes the Bruins PP click. 

- Tim Thomas makes a few saves that even yoga teachers wince at. 

- Mason Raymond scores some big goals 

- Roberto Luongo makes several saves that say haters to the left. He also lets in a goal from an impossible angle that NASA has to explain. 

- Viktor Oreskovich scores 4 goals in 2 games and makes the Bruins and their fans say "Her?"

- Patrice Bergeron will impress me. 

- Tim Thomas learns how to curse the Sedins in Swedish. 

- AV will track down Harold Snepsts before playing Keith Ballard. 

- Woodsman Higgy will lose his sunglasses in his playoff beard. 

- If they do win it the Canucks will tell Sami Salo to sit down before raising the Cup. 

- Canucks in 6. I will destroy my liver with whobbly pops. And my tear ducts will be working a marathon. 

Alix Wright is a creative writing student in Vancouver. She wouldn't be a writer or a hockey fan if it wasn't for Markus Naslund. Her love for Mattias Ohlund will never die. You can reach her by email alixw3(at)gmail(dot)com or on twitter @alixiswright37
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