CanucksArmy Podcast: Season Preview

Thomas Drance
October 05 2011 01:40PM

It's a very special "Season Preview" edition of the CanucksArmy podcast!

Today is our most ambitious episode yet - it's a massive round table season preview. Joining me on this episode of the CA Podcast are three big name guests: Jeff Angus (DobberHockey), Cam Charron (The Score) and Harrison Mooney (Puck Daddy/PassittoBulis).

Between the four of us we fleshed out the major issues facing the Canucks entering into the 2011-12 season. Will Keith Ballard rebound? Does the team have enough secondary scoring? Is Luongo as bad as everyone seems to think he is? Is Cody Hodgson a cactus? We covered all of this and more!

As usual you can stream the podcast from this post:

Click Here to Stream! 

Or you can download and mp3 of the podcast here.

Thanks for tuning in!

Thomas Drance lives in Toronto, eats spicy food and writes about hockey. He is the editor in chief of the Nation Network (a.k.a Overlord), and an opinionated blowhard to boot. You can follow him on twitter @thomasdrance.
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