New Feature - To The Ombudsman

Cam Davie
October 18 2011 10:48AM

I'll fight for you!
(Photo by this crazy japanese luchador lawyer)

CanucksArmy readers - listen up!

Do you feel like you need a voice? Do you need a watchdog on your side?
Do you need an outlet to express your concerns?
Is our site terrible?
Are our writers so woefully misinformed that you don't understand why you continue to return?

Well now, you can have your say! Write a letter TO THE OMBUDSMAN (That's me!) and I'll fight for you!


CanucksArmy is introducing a new feature where with give you, our loyal and faithful readers, a chance to bitch, moan, whine and complain about ANYTHING to do with our site.

Don't like a particular article? Let us know and tell us why!

Did we completely screw up some facts? Let us know and tell us how!

Do we need to clean up our act and start doings things right around here? Let us know and tell us how we can fix it!

Here's how you do it. Write us an e-mail, day or night, at Let us know what we've done wrong, how we've wronged you, and how we can do better by you and I'LL FIGHT FOR YOU!

But here's the best part about this... This feature will run more often if you write more letters. The more feedback we get, the more "To The Ombudsman" posts I get to write.

So write in early and write in often, and let's finally clean up this god forsaken Canucks blog once and for all!

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