The Devil Made Me Do It

Stephen Webb
February 22 2010 03:28PM

Orange County News - February 21, 2010

If any crimes are reported throughout Canada in the next few days, I think we all have a built in excuse. The Devil made us do it. No, we're not talking about demonic possession here, we're talking about rage based crimes committed after witnessing the way a certain New Jersey Devil "played" goal for Canada. Someone steals a car, blame it on the Devil. A dude robs a bank, the Devil made him do it. Hell, if there are a few typos in my post, you know who to blame.

Brodeur did play like a man possessed, unfortunately he was possessed by a spirit who had apparently never seen a hockey game before. He played like a maniac. I can't remember a game where a goalie tried to do "more", but ended up with nothing to show for it. Did someone tell him Canada could get bonus points for any baseball related moves? An extra powerplay from hitting a screaming line drive perhaps. Maybe an extra minute of gameplay if he could safely slide into second base.

Well, Luongo is in. Canada loves you, needs you and will support you. For now.

Stephen has lived most of his life in Vancouver and has bled each and every colour the Canucks have had to offer. Stephen can contacted at
#1 The Naked Robber
February 22 2010, 04:07PM
Trash it!

"...unfortunately he was possessed by a spirit who had apparently never seen a hockey game before"

hahaha. You said it. Miller made Brodeur look like one of those Timbit kids who come out to play at intermission.

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