The Team Canada God

Kristian Urstad
February 17 2010 11:58AM

Olympic News - February 16, 2010

Dionysus was the ancient god of wine. He was the god of Release. He served to liberate the Greeks from the constrictions of everyday social life by getting them to surrender control. Yielding to the intoxicating effects of wine, the supplicants of Dionysus would let go of their individual identities, fuse together as a group in total primordial emotion and energy.

Dionysus would have been envious of our god: Team Canada.

In an otherwise rather bland, atomistic and dispersed Canadian culture, Team Canada has offered us the restorative blessings of festivity, patriotic collective enjoyment, and the exhilarating release of any barriers between our individual selves and others.

Last night’s game – remarkably, only the first and against an inferior opponent – was a testament to the power and influence of our god. A sea of red pulsating and spilling out over itself, overflowing with patriotic intoxication and collective excitement, last night’s crowd was a sight to behold.

In our everday lives we have so little experience of this sort of phenomenon. Team Canada and its power provides us with a glimpse into a vision of life sometimes needed. Thankfully ours is still a young god and we can look forward to its benedictions for many years to come.

Kristian Urstad was born, raised, and currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Kristian has been a disappointed yet loyal Canucks fan his whole life. He has a hunch however that their time may soon come. He has a PhD in Philosophy and so tries to take a philosophical approach to writing about hockey and the Canucks, hopeful, but not always sure, that he can offer some new and interesting insights into the various aspects of this great game and burgeoning team. You can reach Kristian at
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February 18 2010, 12:17AM
Trash it!

Ha! Another great piece, keep 'em coming!

Speaking of God's, can you imagine the Canadian blueline when Tyler Myers is ready (ie in 4 years?)

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