Team Canada: What's The Worst That Can Happen?

Kristian Urstad
February 15 2010 10:55AM

There was an old proverb which said that misfortune weighs most heavily on those who expect nothing but good fortune. To avoid such misfortune ancient people offered a simple technique, called negative visualization. The idea of this technique was that by contemplating the bad things that may happen to us in the future, we will lessen their impact on us when, despite our efforts at prevention, they happen.

Part of the point of this psychological technique was to get us to appreciate and take full advantage of the present moments we have, because, at some point, things may not turn out the way we wish and everything we value may be taken away from us.

Unfortunately the ancients weren’t thinking about Canadian fans and Team Canada. Even if we prepare for the worst by imagining something less than a gold medal and in doing so simply learn to love the team for itself and appreciate its journey, this will do nothing to lessen the potential impact of defeat.

It doesn’t matter how much we learn to love this team – if they don’t win gold, calamity and considerable distress is unavoidable.  


Kristian Urstad was born, raised, and currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Kristian has been a disappointed yet loyal Canucks fan his whole life. He has a hunch however that their time may soon come. He has a PhD in Philosophy and so tries to take a philosophical approach to writing about hockey and the Canucks, hopeful, but not always sure, that he can offer some new and interesting insights into the various aspects of this great game and burgeoning team. You can reach Kristian at
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