One Last Push

Cam Davie
June 30 2009 09:14AM

Daniel and Henrik Sedin

Canucks GM Mike Gillis has reportedly left the Sedins and their agents with an offer to consider.

Will it be enough to keep Daniel and Henrik with the only NHL club for which they've ever played? It's hard to say at this point, as details of the offer are unknown. It's fair to speculate that the offer is still somewhere around 5.5m per year, as the previous offers from either side have been around that mark. The difference must be in the contract length. Gillis previously offered a 5 year deal, while the Sedins tabled a 12 year offer. Has Gillis met somewhere in the middle? Is it a 7-9 year deal? I will venture a guess that's it a 8 year, $43m offer as that seems to be right in the middle of the other two offers.

It will be very interesting to see how this offer compares to the contract extension that Canucks goalie and captain has reportedly already signed.

Will the dollars be the same? Will the length be the same?

We'll know the answers to all these questions tomorrow.

Go Canucks!

-Cam Davie

Cam was born in Greater Vancouver, raised in Greater Vancouver, and lives in Greater Vancouver. So, yes, he's from Vancouver. He attended his first Vancouver Canucks game on Dec 26th, 1980 and has bled orange/black/red/blue+green ever since. You can reach him on Twitter @tinfoiltuque or on e-mail at tinfoiltuque(at)gmail(dot)com.
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